Our Values

In order to achieve a more sustainable world, our company manifests itself through the following premises:

Conscious formulas

We seek to develop and manufacture more and more green formulas, and to bring less social and environmental risk. Therefore, Bio Vegan cosmetics are:

  • Free of Petroleum derivatives. Why avoid them? Petroleum derivatives have high allergen content and may be aggressive to the skin. In addition, by opting for a product free of petroleum derivatives, you choose a more sustainable cosmetic.
  • Parabens-free. Why avoid them? It is a very common preservative in cosmetics. Recent researches indicates that it has been found frequently in breast cancer biopsies.
  • Free of Synthetic Dye. Why avoid it? Synthetic dyes have heavy metals that can cause skin irritation. Many studies point heavy metals as related to cancer incidence.
  • Free of Synthetic fragrance. Why avoid it? Synthetic fragrances have high allergen content, they may cause allergy and sensitivity to the skin.
  • Free of ethyl alcohol. Why avoid it? Alcohol can sensitize and dry the skin.
  • Free of raw materials from animal origin. Why avoid them? This is a way to preserve life.
  • Gluten free. Why avoid it? Celiac people can present such a great sensitivity to gluten that they must also avoid the use of gluten in the skin.
  • Silicone free. Why avoid it? Because of being synthetic, it can bring sensitivity to the skin.
  • Free of Lauryl Sulphates. Why avoid them? They can cause skin damage.
  • Ethanolamines free. Why avoid hem? They can cause skin irritation and contact dermatitis. It also has cumulative action in the body.
  • Free of Synthetic Polymers. Why avoid them? Because of being synthetic, they can bring sensitivity to the skin.
  • Not tested on animals.

Conscious consumption

We believe that life becomes simpler and lighter if we practice conscious consumption. Therefore, we developed multi-functional and highly profitable cosmetics.

Cosmetics committed to beauty, health and well-being.

We understand that our cosmetics must rescue the love and self-esteem in people, resulting in beauty from the inside out, health and well-being.

Waste Minimization

We seek to reduce to the lowest the waste generated by our products and processes. To achieve this:

  • We participate in the program “Dê a Mão para o Futuro”(Give the Hand to the Future), in partnership with Abihpec. This program promotes the reverse logistics of the cosmetics industry inputs.
  • We carry out the separation of recyclable materials in our company.
  • We have our own station for water treatment, which ensures that the effluents will be protected.

Renewable sources

We carry out the generation of 1/3 of the electricity we consume.

The bottles of Bio Vegan products are made with green polyethylene from Braskem. The Green Polyethylene is obtained from sugar cane. That is, our bottles come from a renewable source and are 100% recyclable.